Roberto Storaci of the EU & UN to speak on October 8, 2014, at the CES, Carleton University

We would very much welcome your attending our upcoming event, on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, and encourage your sharing the attached poster with your friends, students, and colleagues.

Roberto StoraciThe event is titled, „The EU’s Role in the United Nations: More than the sum of its members?” The lecture will be given by Counsellor Roberto Storaci of the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in New York, with the Political Affairs and Security Council Section.

Counsellor Storaci has worked in foreign affairs within the EU and the UN for many years, including as an expert on the Middle East and Human Rights. His upcoming talk will focus on the European External Action Service, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the development of EU foreign policy since the Lisbon Treaty.

The lecture will take place in the Senate Room, Robertson Hall, 6th floor, Carleton campus, from 3:00PM until 5:00PM, with a reception to follow from 5:00-6:00PM.

Please see the poster attached for further information. We kindly request that you register by clicking here or visiting us at

If you have already registered for the event, we have sent you an email so please disregard this follow-up.


In advance, we thank you for your time.


With best regards,

Caitlin Murphy

Social Media and Outreach Coordinator
Centre for European Studies
Carleton University


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